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Vijaya 25 L.P.H

Method of Vijaya Ro Purifier Filteration

The water produced is chus 99.99% purity


  • Human Hair 50um
  • Virus 0.02um
  • Metal ion 0.005 um
  • Ro Membranes 0.000 1um (1 um =0.001um)


Vijaya RO Purifier's Stages of Purification

Stage1:5 Micron Sediment Filter.
This Filter removes physical impurities like Mud & Dust.This Filter upgrading the performance and life system.
Stage2:Pre Granulat Activated Carbon Filter
Removes color foul odour and taste and eliminates organic impurities & chemicals.
Stage3:1 Micron Sediment Filter
This Filter uses a 1 Micron Polypropylene filter to remove fine sand,salt,dirt and rust particles which upgrading the performance and life of membrane.
Stage4:Thin film polyamide Membrane
Membrane with 0.0001 micron holes removes 90% dissolved salts 100% bacteria.Virus compound metals and harmful minerals.
Stage5:Post silver Impregnated Carbon Filter
Ensures double safety Prevent growth of bacteria at the point of use giving pure safe water.